2015 Swimming Pool Design Trends

2015 Swimming Pool Design Trends

As the new year takes off and we are busy quoting pools,  I have decided to take a look at the current design trends we are noticing in the concrete swimming pool construction industry and the pool design ideas that we feel take a pool from being just a well built beautifully detailed project,  to a jaw-droppingly, send you guests into shock, amazing pool.

In this blog, I intend to look at 4 details which I think will become more popular in the coming few years.

Those features are the sunken lounge, the bridge, the acrylic window details and the moveable pool floor.

The sunken pool lounge

The conversation pit or sunken lounge was an idea first explored in design during the 1960’s -1970’s. Now the idea has developed and is beginning to be incorporated into pool design. The sunken pool lounge,  built as part of the pool structure and within the pool waterline,  adds a new dimension to the pool area.

Traditional pool decks are great for sun-baking on or relaxing on next to the pool,  but the sunken lounge actually puts the pool user in a dry lounge area, below the pool waterline and surrounded by water.

sunken pool lounge

 The lounge could be used as a dining area, a conversation zone or a  fire pit location and often some stepping stones or small bridge could be used as an entry to the area.
Being surrounded by water adds a certain ambience to the lounge and at night when surrounded by water lit with LED lighting the experience is truely unique.
pool sunken lounge

With current pool fencing requirements, it is important that pool users have areas inside the pool zone to relax, supervise children and ensure the pool is an integrated and used part of the outdoor landscape. The sunken lounge is the perfect spot for a quiet drink while watching the kids as it’s out of the wind and within jumping distance to the pool.

A well designed sunken lounge is a design trend that’s blowing our mind at the moment. We are currently working with a client to incorporate a sunken lounge into their pool design and we excited by the opportunities sunken lounges can add to the pool experience.

The Bridge

That’s right… I’m still on about bridges….

They were popular in pool design in the 50/s and 60,s and now they seem to be making a resurgence. With the improved construction fabrication and building technologies available today slimline bridges can be incorporated into modern pool designs to successfully link two pool areas and further integrate the pool into the pool owners daily life.

pool bridge

The bridge as a connection between spaces ensures that the pool is experienced as a daily used part of the landscape,  not only when swimming in the pool. It has the ability to break the pool into zones and provides a fun element that can be enjoyed by kids as a jumping platform.

lagoon pool bridge

Acrylic pool windows

The acrylic pool window will continue to grow in popularity as it is a unique feature which merges the line between pool and landscape or often pools with a living zone.

When the pool is built as part of the house structure acrylic windows can provide a unique feel to an underwater room. Once strictly the domain of the aquarium and high-end hotel this design detail is getting more common as acrylic prices become more affordable,  and architects and builders better understand the reliability of the acrylic technology and waterproofing products available today.

acrylic pool window

When the acrylic faces the landscape a similar effect is achieved merging the pool into the landscape environment. Amazing effects can be achieved at night with pool light floods out of the windows,  and bubblers can also be used further enhance the trickery of the design.

acrylic pool window

Quality acrylic panels are still not cheap but the technology is UV stable and guaranteed so it has come a long way in the last 5 years. Panels also need not be huge to get a good effect. Small windows or portholes provide a cheeky view of the pool and still provide a stunning feature to a slightly elevated pool.

The moveable pool floor 

Don’t be confused. We think a pool should look great all year round, but as our weather and competing use for outdoor space varies I can see a growing need for the moveable pool floor.

moveable pool floor

Big in Europe and the US the moveable pool floor provides the pool owner with a pool which can be a traditional pool or a solid cover concealed into the build can cover the pool to make it a large deck or outdoor space for the kids to play.

Floors can be built into the concrete pool shell and be activated hydraulicly to come up and cover to pool.

Alternatively, the solid base can be built into the landscape design and conceal under a deck. The design is only limited by the creativity of the builder and engineers.

My current favourite is by AGOR engineering and it’s a folding pool floor which becomes a lovely timber feature wall.

check out the vid below.

We are currently working on a concealed pool floor which will retract under a deck next to the pool for a lap pool currently under design. We work with some excellent steel fabricators and engineers and are excited by the possibilities solid covers can provide as far as a landscape and space maximising solution.

The solid cover also means minimal chemical use, heat loss, evaporation and increased safety for your family when the pool is not in use.

Give us a call to discuss your pool design. We love developing ideas.

Photo credit: images are sourced from Instagram and youtube and are not pools by Minke pools. Rather they provide design inspiration and provide examples of discussed topics. Pool builders not known as images freely available online.

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