We love what we do and we continually strive the build the best pools in Melbourne. This is our mission and our goal.
I  have been reflecting lately on why we love building pools so much. It is hard dirty work, hot in summer, wet in winter, dusty, muddy and dangerous. For me,  my answer is as follows.

Growing up with pools

Growing up we did not have a pool, but some of my best memories are of days and nights spent at friends pools.

As a child, it was the days playing around the pool,  pool games such as Marco Polo and handstands. Swimming underwater from end to end and holding your breath as long as you could while fetching sunken objects off the pool floor.

As a teen it moved to jumping push bikes into pools, launching of roofs into the deep end and eventually long nights sitting in the spa drinking beers with friends.   Very rarely did it involve laps, but it was always great fun.

Now an adult and homeowner I see the value of a swimming pool in a different light. When I jump in a newly finished pool now I get a feeling of complete luxury. What a joy and luxury it is to be able to have the space to dive into your own backyard pool and splash around. Your own oasis where you can relax and entertain without any interference from the outside world. The kids and their friends will never be far away on a hot day or balmy night because where else would they rather be.

The Pool as an idea

Building pools now I realise I have had a long love affair with the idea of pools. The Hollywood movie pools and movies about pools have always been a favourite for me. Although they were before my time I like to “The Swimmer” with Burt Lancaster is a real showpiece of American pools in the 60’s as he swims from the river to his house doing laps in every backyard pool he passes on the way.

Also “Don’t make waves” the 1967 Tony Curtis film where Tony plays Carlo Cofield a Malibu-based swimming pool salesman. The movie is based on California beach culture in the 60’s and showpieces some great pools and real estate from the era.

The idea of a pool is really what drives the demand for pools. The idea that you can own your own piece of paradise.

Your own oasis or holiday destination where you need only travel to your back door.

The idea of a design feature in your private landscape that could be seen in a magazine or on a movie set, or in a music video clip with bikini clad girls. if that’s the idea.

The idea is different for everyone and it is very emotional. The great thing with pools is that although the idea is one of extreme luxury it is attainable. There are many options to suit varied budgets. So the dream can become a reality.

Pushing design and innovation

My passion for pools has now moved to a new stage where I am literally addicted to them. I love the intricacies in design and the behind the scenes working of a pool. To the owner, it has to be simple to operate and clean and polished in design but to make this happen there is a lot of thought and construction knowledge required to ensure it is built well. Structurally and hydraulically there is a lot that can be done wrong when building pools and one mistake at the construction stage is one too many.

I now enjoy researching cutting edge pool designs from around the world. Following architects from today and the past in their design and integration of pools into landscapes and home designs. I enjoy watching trends in pool design come and go and keeping note of what seems to be timeless.

Famous Lautner edge pool @ Goldstein residence

At Minke pools we really enjoy the challenge of complex designs in pool and spa construction. I find the pool with even one small design feature that may be a point of a difference a joy to build, and I love watching an idea sketched out on paper becoming a full-scale construction and finished product of exceptional quality.

A lot of pool companies build pools as a soulless business concern.They focus on numbers and turnover and have a primary focus on costs. What it will cost them to build it ..and how can we cost in some additional variations.

We believe we are the best pool builders in Melbourne because we love what we do. We love the process and the result and most of all I love being able to provide a client with a pool that meets their Idea of what a pool is, and should be, to them and their family. To meet the need created by the idea.

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