Building a pool in melbourne. A visual diary

Building a pool in melbourne. A visual diary

The latest pool we are due to complete was built for a client who was away during the construction. The photos below were sent to inform the client off on the jobs.
Progress and they provide a good visual diary of the process involved when building a new courtyard style pool.

Site cleared ready for construction to begin.

Excavation begins.

Excavation completed and soil removed from the site.

The steel cage is constructed to engineered specifications.

After internal plumbing has been completed we begin the concrete spray.


Completed concrete sprayed pool shell.

Once the concrete has cured we build a structure over the shell to begin tiling works.

The pool is fully tiled in a weather proof environment. Attention to detail is key

After tiling, the pool surrounding hard landscape is completed. In this case, large format bluestone paving.

Then for safety and compliance, the frameless glass pool fence is installed.

Then we install the pool equipment.

Add some solar heating to extend the swimming season.

Add some spring water, relay some artificial turf, balance the water l and were nearly done.

See you poolside.


Stay tuned for some completed images of the finished job.








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