Starting a new pool today

Starting a new pool today

Today we start work on our next feature project.

11 x 5-meter pool with infloor cleaning and water feature spillways. With a landscape designed by Paul Bangay, the pool will be fully tiled in white bisazza tiles, with white marble surrounds.

There will be 3 full-length entry steps down one of the 11-meter sides of the pool with feature strip led lights under each step tread.

This pool is going to be a real head turner so we will post some images in our “current” jobs section when we reach the concrete stage.

The weather isn’t ideal but we’ll soldier on. Pool building in winter is hard work. but is really the time of year that the bulk of the work has to happen to ensure eager clients are swimming by the coming pool season. The hard work now makes for an easier run into the silly season.

Any pool contractor that says they can start a project in October and have it finished by Christmas..”Guaranteed” .. is a BS artist. Fact

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